Autogyro / Cav Pro - Sky Copter

As an example of a professional Autogyro the specifics are give for the Cavalon Pro and the Sky Copter. 

Cavalon Pro
The Cavalon Pro is the first Autogyro for which a CAA (in this case the UK CAA) has issued a Type Certificate based on the ICAO regulations. This means that the UK CAA (which is considered to be one of the leading CAA's in the world, meaning that a lot of countries accent the UK standard as standard for their own country) has allowed the Cavalon Pro for commercial and professional work within the UK. The Cavalon Pro is based on the regular Cavalon but with some certified additions.

Autogyro: Cavalon Pro

  • Vne: 160 km/u
  • Slow speed: 40 km/u
  • Take off roll: 140-220m
  • Landing roll: 0-20m
  • Payload: 240kg
  • Endurance: 5-6hrs
  • Wind limit take off: 40kts (20kts cross wind)
  • one pilot
  • VFR day/night and IFR
The cavalon Pro can be equipped with various camera and/or sensor systems. One option is a HD Camera for professional filming or a Wescam MX10.

The Skycopter
This is a Calidus with a sensor system and can be used for different professional operations. Of course other combinations of systems are also possible and these will depend on the type of operation and the Customerís requirements.

Autogyro: Calidus:

  • Vne: 185 km/h
  • Slow speed: 30 km/h
  • Take off roll.: 80-120m
  • Landing roll: 0-20m
  • Payload: 230kg
  • Endurance: 5hrs
  • Ceiling: 10.000ft
  • Wind limit take off: 40kts (20kts cross wind)
  • One pilot 

Sensor: stabilized gimbal EO/IR:

  • Day and Nighttime capable
  • Onboard recording
  • Data link capable
  • Multiple options available