Autogyro / Characteristics

The Autogyro has the following characteristics. It cannot stall and can fly low and slow. Its maximum speed is similar to other aircraft using a rotor system. It has a lower fuel consumption and can usually take fuel for 4 to 5 hours.

Because of its low fuel consumption and the type of engine used (piston type) the CO2 pollution footprint is much lower than for example the CO2 footprint from a helicopter. Also the noise production is much less.

The Autogyro needs a small strip for takeoff but can land with zero forward speed. The Autogyro can be transported by road on a trailer and for this only the rotor system needs to be taken off (if that, depending on the type of trailer). Depending on the alterations made to the Autogyro, it can me disassembled quickly to fit in a box for airfreight.

The procurement costs are lower compared to other aircraft and the maintenance costs are reasonable. The required maintenance for the Autogyro itself is minimal and can be done by the operator. This results in overall lower operating costs.

The Autogyro is a very safe aircraft. In case of an engine failure the rotor will continue to rotate and there is no action required by the pilot to maintain Rotor RPM. Because of its ability to land without forward speed, irrespective of the roughness of the landing surface the landing will be a safe landing with the Autogyro and its crew undamaged.

Easy transportable

Calidus on trailer

Lands on many surfaces

MTO Sport with skies

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