Autogyro / Description

The rotorcraft technique of the Autogyro was developed in 1919 by a Spaniard named Juan de la Cierva and the Autogyro as such flew for the first time on 9th of January 1923 in Madrid. This technique later developed into the Helicopter.

Like the helicopter the Autogyro uses a rotor system to produce the required lift. This rotor is driven by aerodynamic forces in autorotation and is not driven by the engine. The engine drives a propeller which provides the driving force (like with any fixed-wing) to keep the Autogyro in the air.

Is it Autogyro or Gyrocopter? The original name is Autogyro. Autogyro comes from the Latin word ‘auto’ which means automatic and ‘gyro’ which means turning. Together Autogyro means turning without external drive (like a motor). Juan de la Cierva was the first to use Autogyro. Other names are gyrocopter, gyroplane or rotaplane. Benson called its machines Gyrocopters and there for that description is used in the English speaking countries.

The past

Autogyro by de la Cierva

The present

Auto Gyro Cavalon