Autogyro / Examples

As an example the specifics of three different Autogyro’s are given: the MTO Sport, the Calidus and the Cavalon. All three machines are made by Auto Gyro GmbH in Hildesheim. The machines have the following specifics:

  • Vne: 185 km/h
  • Slow speed: 30 km/h
  • Take off dist.: 80-120m
  • Landing dist.: 0-20m
  • Payload: 230kg
  • Endurance: 5hrs
  • Ceiling: 10.000ft
  • Wind limit: 40kts (20kts cross wind in take off)
  • One pilot 
  • easy transportable by road
  • can land on water
 Examples of professional Autogyro's with camera system is given at Autogyro / Cav Pro - Sky Copter.

Auto Gyro MTO Sport

MTO Sport

Auto Gyro Calidus


Auto Gyro Cavalon

Auto Gyro Cavalon