Commercial / Media

The Autogyro is well suited for Media tasking. Its long endurance and ability to fly low and slow, its safety profile and easy handling characteristics combined with the low investment and operating costs and its low CO2 and noise footprint make it a perfect aircraft for various Media assignments.

For Media purposes the Autogyro is very useful. For shooting pictures or film from the air the Autogyro is a good alternative to the helicopter that is now used most of the time. Not only is the Autogyro cheaper but its excellent and unobstructed view all around makes it even a more suitable platform for this kind of job. For example shooting a short film for city promotion or reporting news from the air is just as easily done from an Autogyro. Its slow speed possibility and stable platform are contributing factors here. It´s possible to connect an external camera system (with or without a flexible arm) to the autogyro and relay the footage direct to a ground (broadcasting) station.

For aerial photography there is simply no better aircraft than the Autogyro. The photographer has a clear view all around and is able to shoot the photo´s without the pilot having to fly a certain difficult procedure to get the ‘right angle’. It's even possible to shoot the photo's vertical without tilting the aircraft at an uncomfortable angle.

Combine the Autogyro with an ordinary camera

Canon Camera

or advanced camera

Camera with filmotechnic arm

for arial footage

Arial photo