Autogyro Professional is a company which has set itself the goal to introduce the Autogyro (or Gyrocopter) into the market of professional users. The Autogyro is the fastest growing aircraft market in recreational aviation in different parts of the world like Europe, Australia, (South-) Africa, New-Zealand and the America’s. Autogyro Professional believes that it is high time that the professional market gets to benefit from the Autogyro’s unique characteristics and advantages as well.

The Mission of Autogyro Professional is to introduce the Autogyro into the market of professional users like Government, Defence, Commercial or any other field of business, and to support potential users with the full implementation of the Autogyro into their operations.

By bringing together knowledge about the Autogyro and the different user requirements into our company, Autogyro Professional is able to offer to its customers the full range of support from providing basic information, training operators and mechanics, to implementation of procedures and optimizing utilisation of the Autogyro.


Mission: to open doors