Company / Consultancy

The professional use of the Autogyro for Government, Defence, Commercial or any other professional purpose is still at its start. The knowledge of the abilities and possibilities of the Autogyro is not wide spread. There for Autogyro Professional is happy to offer its knowledge and service to those professionals who are interested in using the Autogyro in their area of expertise and business. Because Autogyro Professional holds a dealership and has good contact with other manufacturers of Autogyro's it find itself well placed to provide all the necessary service.

Autogyro Professional can provide the following service/consultancy:

  • provide knowledge of possibilities
  • provide advice about the combination of equipment
  • provide this equipment 
  • help create a plan of operation or SOP
  • provide/ set up training
  • provide/set up maintenance/logistics base
  • help set up a Quality and Safety system related to the use of the Autogyro

Please contact us if you require any advice or service. 


Remco van Ravenzwaaij, CEO Autogyro Professional: "Our succes depends on working together with our customers to implement the Autogyro into their business".