Government / Customs

The Autogyro is well suited for Customs tasking. Its long endurance and ability to fly low and slow, its safety profile and easy handling characteristics combined with the low investment and operating costs and its low CO2 and noise footprint make it a perfect aircraft for various Customs operations.

The tasks of the Customs department are many and diverse. Some of these tasks are border patrol, prevention of drug trafficking and the prevention of entrance of illegal immigrants. Sometimes helicopters are used to support these tasks.

The Sheriff Department of Texas (USA) has bought several Autogyro’s to assist the Customs Department in patrol of the Mexican border. 

Columbia has a large border to cover and uses Autogyro’s to assist the Customs Department. The Netherlands has a large sea border and is seriously looking into the use of Autogyro’s to assist the Customs Department. Apart from the lower operating costs and ease of training/operation the  lower CO2 and lower noise signature is a contributing argument since part of the border is over a protected Flora and Fauna Area.

Protecting borders from the air

Calidus customs observation

Africans along the EU border

Africans trying to get into the EU