Government / Police

The Autogyro is well suited for Police tasking. Its long endurance and ability to fly low and slow, its safety profile and easy handling characteristics combined with the low investment and operating costs and its low CO2 and noise footprint make it a perfect aircraft for various Police operations.

The tasks of the Police are many and very diverse. They range from traffic control to crowd control. From keeping an eye on the neighbourhood to apprehending criminals. From being visible to being invisible. For (assistance with) some of these tasks highly sophisticated airborne platforms such as helicopters like the EC135 are in use.  Sometimes itís necessary to use these very expensive machines but quite often itís not. 

The Autogyro can perform:

  • traffic control and observation
  • crowd surveillance and observation like with big events (sport events, national celebrations, Olympic Games, World Cups, etc)
  • area control and surveillance like Infra Red search for drugs fields


Tomball Police Department USA

Tomball Police Department MTO Sport

Chief of Police Robert Hauck: "Two officers in the Autogyro in the air give us the equivalent of 20 officers on the ground. It gives good Situational Awareness".

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