Government / Surveillance

The Autogyro is well suited for Surveillance tasking. Its long endurance and ability to fly low and slow, its safety profile and easy handling characteristics combined with the low investment and operating costs and its low CO2 and noise footprint make it a perfect aircraft for various Surveillance operations.

Sometimes other departments than the Police or Customs are give the task to keep an eye on traffic or what happens on water or other areas. For example Pollution Control of waterways and/or open water is often  a task for a different Government  unit like the Coast Guard. Quite often the way the task is performed is like registration from the air and apprehension/follow up by a ground unit (either on the road, waterway or in a harbour).

Also the registration of traffic flows is often done from the air using a helicopter.
The registration of pollution or traffic flows from the air can just as easy be done with an Autogyro (with or without a sensor). If there is no requirement to be able to hover, the Autogyro is a good alternative at much more reasonable operating costs and environmental friendly footprint.
Also the counting and/or the observation of live stock cn be done from an Autogyro. Its ability to stay in the air for 5 hours actually makes it more suitable than the average helicopter. And its lower CO2 an noise footprint makes it the more environmental friendly option.

Surveillance with the Autogyro

Shark Patrol Australia with MTO Sport

Surveillance of traffic jam

Traffic Surveillance